Data Center

A specialized data center management solution from Swissns that maintains the data center performance efficiently, regulate conventional events, and fix problems as they happen, or avoid them all together.

Discover privileges for high-speed server performance, remarkable secure network management, automated database administration, asset discovery and application dependency mapping.
Whether you need a single rack, or a full suite, we have the space you need and expertise to keep you online in world class facilities. We offer IT solutions from state-of-the-art datacenters that deliver unmatched levels of energy efficiency, security, and reliable connectivity resulting in cost-savings and peace of mind.

Benefits of a data center


– Our data centers offer multiple layers and methods of authentication, access, control, and surveillance to keep your data and critical infrastructure secure.


– We use the best equipment available in our data centers. We configure all our networking infrastructure to be fully redundant at every layer allowing us to be 100% concurrently maintainable.

Connection Redundancy

– We utilize multiple Internet backbone providers in a multi-homed architecture, to ensure the fastest Internet routes. This could be possible because, if one provider becomes unavailable, the others assume the traffic until capacity is restored. Peer to Peer arrangements and this level of redundancy ensure the highest level of network availability.


– Advanced monitoring deliverable for all aspects of service level management. We also offer full transactional monitoring from multiple locations throughout the world.

Low-Cost Reliable Power

– We offer low-cost redundant and conditioned power. Our modular high-efficiency data center management solution and infrastructure ensure you have continuous profits at an affordable cost.