SSL Certificates

Protect your visitors!

Chosen by millions of users, SSL is a recognised standard of a secured website. SSL stores a confidence instantly to your website viewers.

Our certificate works with over 99% of all browsers both on computers and mobile devices. Within the life time of the certificate we also offer free re-key and re-issues.


It is always a good practice to validate the intermediate / root certificates chain to make sure that your installation is compatible with all browsers and applications.

You can find here the Root CA / Intermediate certificates. Please select the type of certificate that you have ordered:

swissns DV SSL Certificate

swissns OV SSL Certificate

swissns EV SSL Certficicate

We typically ask clients who have no hostings or domains with us to choose one of the 3 Domain Validation method.

1.Via a specified user name EMAIL address
We send you a link to a specific email account.

2.Via a TEXT file added to a website
We send you a text file to upload to your website.

3.Via added DNS record
We send you a DNS record to add.

A CSR is a Certificate Sining Request which is sent to a CA, the certificate authority when you asks for a server certificate such as SSL. A CSR can be created through a control panel of a domain as well as other methods.

We create the CSR by default for the customers who have hostings or domains with us. We can also create the CSR for new clients who has chosen “yes” for us to create your CSR at the checkout.