Domain Validated Wildcard SSL Certificates

swissns DV Wildcard SSL covers one domain with multiple subdomains with one certificate. This will save you from installing a separate certificate for each sub-domain and making it simpler to manage SSL certificate for your websites.

swissns DV Wildcard SSL offers:

  •  99% Browser Compatibility
  •  Unlimited Server Licenses
  •  Unlimited Reissuances and Key Pairs
  •  Includes *
  •  Activates SSL Secure Site Seal
  •  2048+ Bit SHA2 SSL/TLS Public Key Encryption
  •  Improves Search Engine Ranking
  •  High Validation and Trust Value
  •  Results in Higher Sales Conversion
  •  Full Compatibility With All Versions of SSL and TLS

Why SSL Certificate from swissns GmbH

Compatible and Affordable

Our certificate works with over 99% of all browsers both on computers and mobile devices. Within the life time of the certificate we also offer free re-key and re-issues.

Total Protection

Here at swissns we offer 3 different types of SSL certificates with each a different degree of protection and validation methods to fit all the needs of our clients.

Friendly Support

swissns Team of support will help you guide with any questions you might have. No quires are too small or too big for us. Please contact us at for requests and inquiries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A CSR is a Certificate Sining Request which is sent to a CA, the certificate authority when you asks for a server certificate such as SSL. A CSR can be created through a control panel of a domain as well as other methods.

We create the CSR by default for the customers who have hostings or domains with us. We can also create the CSR for new clients who has chosen “yes” for us to create your CSR at the checkout.

We typically ask clients who have no hostings or domains with us to choose one of the 3 Domain Validation method.

1.Via a specified user name EMAIL address
We send you a link to a specific email account.

2.Via a TEXT file added to a website
We send you a text file to upload to your website.

3.Via added DNS record
We send you a DNS record to add.