Finde es heraus, bevor sie es tun

Mit dem aktuellen technologischen Fortschritt sind Unternehmen und ihre wichtigen Webanwendungen gezielteren Angriffen ausgesetzt.

Da sich der Fokus von der Netzwerkebene auf die Anwendungsebene verlagert hat, ist es wichtig, Ihre Sicherheitsstrategien zu revolutionieren, um vollständig geschützte und funktionierende Webanwendungen sicherzustellen.

Pinpointing and mitigating threats, risks, and security flaws in your IT infrastructure before attackers can detect and exploit them can save your organization from a damaging attack.

Frequent vulnerability scanning and assessments ensure the timely discovery of known and new security weaknesses to inform the required mitigation measures. At swissns GmbH, we utilise specific, industry-leading tools to scan your networks and applications for existing vulnerabilities, which allows us to recommend the most appropriate mitigation techniques to prevent malware attacks like ransomware, unauthorised access to sensitive data and information systems and maintain their confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

In addition, swissns GmbH automated vulnerability scans ensure that your organization is always one step of those pesky hackers by ensuring timely vulnerability identification and mitigation.

We do 2 types of assessments

Application security vulnerability assessment

We perform in-depth vulnerability scans on all applications deployed in your organization. In particular, we scan all web-based applications to assess their susceptibility to different types of attacks, often based on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) top ten risks to application security.

In addition, our application vulnerability scans cover mobile applications to assess their security levels and susceptibility to various attacks. Also, swissns GmbH security experts assess your organisation's desktop applications to evaluate the security and privacy of data stored in the apps and determine if data transfer protocols between different apps adhere to recommended security practices, such as authentication and encryption, to prevent unauthorised access.

We leverage only trusted and industry-leading tools to run vulnerability scans. Specifically, our experts use the Acunetix software, an end-to-end web scanner, to provide a 360 view of all vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. swissns GmbH uses such tools to uncover various security weaknesses in your enterprise applications, including but not limited to misconfigurations, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, out-of-band security flaws, and exposed databases.

With Acunetix, swissns GmbH runs lightning-fast vulnerability scans to uncover security flaws instantly, prioritize high-risk weaknesses automatically, schedule recurring scans, and scan multiple IT environments simultaneously. As a result, regardless of your organization's technologies, frameworks, or languages, swissns GmbH scans and reveals vulnerabilities in hard-to-reach areas.

Network Scanning

swissns GmbH performs deep vulnerability network scans, which include servers, workstations, IoT devices, printers, and anything else connected to your network. Essentially, our network scans focus on assessing the effectiveness of network segmentation processes, the ability to securely connect devices and applications, firewall implementation and configuration to prevent malicious traffic from entering your network, and network access restriction.

Allowing swissns GmbH to scan your organisational networks for security weaknesses informs the current cyber risk posture, efficiency of deployed network security measures, and remediation measures required to strengthen your network defences. We use industry-leading tools like Nessus, which contain databases of known security weaknesses, allowing our security teams to identify where your network is most susceptible to attacks.

swissns GmbH is your trusted network vulnerability scanning partner because we discover and mitigate security weaknesses in your network quickly, as opposed to running your own scans using sub-standard tools that may miss critical flaws. Choosing our network vulnerability scans provides access to unmatched expertise and human intelligence, where our security specialists view your networks using a hacker’s mindset.

More importantly, we tailor all network scans to your organization’s business and security objectives to ensure a holistic vulnerability assessment approach. By leveraging trusted vulnerability scanning tools like Nessus, swissns GmbH vulnerability scanning processes identify security flaws and implement necessary countermeasures to ensure your data and networks remain secure.

Our vulnerability assessment process

We approach vulnerability assessments on our clients’ applications, systems, and networks by scanning them using industry-leading tools. The vulnerability scan reports provide detailed findings, categorizing identified threats and risks according to severity, i.e., critical, high, medium, or low vulnerabilities. In addition, our competent, ethical hackers demonstrate how attackers can exploit the vulnerabilities as proof of concept, which allows us to suggest and implement suitable measures to mitigate identified vulnerabilities.

Our vulnerability scanning methodology may take three approaches – black box, grey box, and white box assessments.

Black Box

Our experts don’t have access to any knowledge of the applications, systems, or networks to be scanned and instead rely on automated scanning tools to scan them as a hacker would.

Grey Box

Our security experts have some knowledge of the client’s infrastructure, such as architectural and design documentation, to enable a more focused and efficient vulnerability scan.

White Box

Our experts have full access to the system and networks, allowing them to comprehensively assess external and internal vulnerabilities.