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The modern business landscape relies heavily on IT and digital infrastructures to deliver innovative services and maintain a competitive edge.

However, this attracts numerous cybersecurity threats as attackers continue leveraging advanced technologies to infiltrate your networks, enterprise applications, cloud environments, and other digital assets to steal data and disrupt critical business operations.

In response, swissns GmbH has committed a wide range of human and IT resources to deliver security solutions to identify and mitigate the most sophisticated cybersecurity threats in your organisation. Our clients are our most important assets; therefore, we strive to provide state-of-the-art security solutions to ensure you achieve your business objectives in a secure and safe IT environment.

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swissns GmbH provides security consulting and advisory services to evaluate your IT and information security design and recommend measures for enhancing security.

Our consulting services assist clients in implementing the most effective preventive controls to mitigate security disturbances that may disrupt your business operations or cause data leaks.

In addition, swissns GmbH’s security consulting services comprise cybersecurity policy review and development, master planning, and assessments of emerging and current threats to provide security solutions tailored to your organization’s threat landscape.

In other words, our comprehensive security consulting services help our clients take effective security actions since any security decision determines your company’s security posture for years to come.

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swissns GmbH vulnerability assessment services identify, analyze, and quantify security vulnerabilities in your enterprise applications and IT infrastructure.

Offering vulnerability services for many years, swissns GmbH uses reliable and industry-standard tools, such as Acunetix and Nessus, to scan for security weaknesses in your web applications and internal networks.

Scanning for vulnerabilities frequently in your IT environment discovers known and emerging threats, which can protect your organization from dangerous malware attacks like ransomware to ensure you realize a strengthened cybersecurity posture.

However, all vulnerability assessments must be performed accurately and correctly. This is where swissns GmbH comes in. Our vulnerability assessment services inform appropriate remediation measures to reduce your attack surface.

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Achieving a proactive defense requires a hacker’s mindset, but most in-house security teams lack such expertise.

Fortunately, swissns GmbH penetrating testing services consist of controlled processes that simulate real-world attacks.

Our specialists use the vulnerability assessment results to attempt to exploit existing vulnerabilities and gain unauthorized access to crucial applications, systems, and data, thus spotting security flaws that malicious actors can exploit.

As a result, swissns GmbH penetration testing services provide our clients with an opportunity to uncover and mitigate critical vulnerabilities that place your IT assets and business operations at risk.

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