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Implementing and maintaining an on-site security operations center (SOC) equipped with the latest security tools and Security Information Event Management (SIEM) systems is challenging and often budget-sensitive for most companies.

On the one hand, maintaining a SOC does not guarantee that your organization will be able to detect and manage the continuously evolving cyber threats and focus on achieving the core business objectives.

On the other hand, managing SOCs and SIEM systems require high expertise and a lot of human resources, which are usually out of reach for many business owners due to talent shortages and constrained budgets.

Integral requirement

Security is an integral requirement for maintaining an organization’s reputation. swissns GmbH provides managed SOC/SIEM services to detect, prevent, mitigate, and manage security threats within your infrastructure environment.

We recognize that continuously monitoring potential malware attacks, hacking, data leaks, insider threats, social engineering attacks, and other threats to ensure timely detection and mitigation is a blind spot for most organizations.

Therefore, our managed SOC/SIEM services leverage people, processes, and technologies out of reach for most companies to understand and accelerate threat detection, response, and management.

Our approach to our SOC/SIEM services

swissns GmbH provides 24/7 managed SOC services that utilize the best-of-breed SIEM systems to analyze and correlate security event data.

Our SOC boasts the most competent security experts, always on standby to monitor all potential security incidents in your IT deployments round-the-clock to ensure real-time security threats detection and remediation.

We use our SIEM systems to collect and correlate relevant security information across your deployed endpoints and technologies, data gathered from ongoing processes, and suspicious behavioral patterns of users accessing your IT systems.

We deliver this information to the watchful eyes of our SOC personnel. We filter all your security event data to identify incidents that threaten your organization and require immediate addressing.

In addition to detecting, preventing, monitoring, analyzing, and recording potential security incidents, our managed SIEM services simplify and automate your network management and network security from a unified, centralized dashboard to provide a 360 degrees view of your organization’s infrastructure security.

It provides a simpler, more effective, faster platform for monitoring your infrastructure security instead of the traditional, cumbersome approach where you have to monitor your processes, technologies, and services individually.

What’s in it for your organization?

Thousands of new threats emerge daily, and early detection is crucial to protecting against attacks. However, most companies lack the capacity to invest in the people and technology resources required to monitor the attack surface continuously.

Through our modern SOCs, SIEM systems, and professional security personnel, swissns GmbH SOC/SIEM services guarantee round-the-clock monitoring to detect known and emerging threats.

Rapid detection and response ensure timely threat detection to limit damage and prevent attacks and data breaches that can disrupt productivity business operations.

Utilizing our SOC teams and SIEM systems allows you to discover security threats as they emerge. swissns GmbH alerts your in-house security teams when we discover potential threats.

Our security analysts are always at your disposal to collaborate with your organization to determine the appropriate mitigation measures to prevent a threat from becoming a full-scale attack.

Numerous companies have gone out of business due to undetected threats manifesting into attacks, thus ruing their reputation.

In the current landscape, where the slightest intrusions can attract non-compliance penalties and legal lawsuits, maintaining your company’s reputation from a security standpoint is vital to mainlining customers and forging new partnerships.

Our SOC/SIEM services ensure you can detect and mitigate cyber threats on time to avert incidents that can soil your reputation.

Our security personnel leverages the most advanced tools and security infrastructure from our SOCs to monitor potential security threats.

We determine all potential impacts of each threat to inform the mitigation priorities.

Based on the analysis and correlation of security event data collected from multiple sources, we map out a path to elevate your infrastructure security to increase the security posture and protect against data breaches, ransomware attacks, insider threats, social engineering, and other nefarious activities.