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Cyber security breaches are a very real threat to organizations today.

These breaches can happen at any time and result in the loss of intellectual property, productivity, reputation and even money. To deal with the ever-evolving security threats, organizations must develop proactive defense and value creation capabilities.

Employ the swissns GmbH Security Consulting services to find out the flaws, and to build the defense needed for risk reduction.

We can help

Our security professionals offer their extensive experience, education and deep industry-wide knowledge to help protect your IT infrastructure against threats, while also enabling the adoption of new technologies that support growth. Make swissns GmbH your number one resource against vulnerabilities; contact us to find out how we can help your organization improve overall security resilience.

  • Enhanced security competence, enabling a culture of security and risk management in your organization
  • Well-positioned endeavors for alleviating potentially stressful situations and responding quickly to breaking events
  • Increased cost efficiency in the face of rising threats and regulatory issues
  • Better Management of the complex identity and access management problems
  • Protection of critical applications and travelling data from complicated attacks
  • Better use of analytics to distinguish patterns and segregate the core of security problems for your organization

Security Consulting

As the numerous data breaches and attacks recorded in recent months have shown, it is not if but when your organization will be the next target. Any successful breach can cause devastating financial losses, data loss, business disruption, and legal challenges that can effectively put your organization out of business.

Therefore, to deal with the constantly evolving cyber threat landscape, you must implement proactive cyber defenses tailored to your specific business and security needs.

swissns GmbH’s security consulting services help our clients to build and maintain the most effective cybersecurity solutions to reduce risks in their IT environment.

Long experience

Our decades long experience of helping corporations around the globe become secure against malicious threats gives us the capability to handle any security challenges brought to us. Our consulting services will help your organization perform in an optimal manner while remaining within an acceptable level of risk.

At swissns GmbH, we are aware of the extreme pressure and urgency our clients have to face because of a serious security breach. Let us worry about the consequences of a security incident at your organization by ensuring that it doesn’t happen in the first place.

Sit down with the management and IT employees

Our first step is to sit with your organization’s management and IT teams. We take time to understand your IT infrastructure, learn the organization’s IT functions and culture, and talk to various employees to understand their IT use requirements to inform the security requirements. Also, we meet with the organization’s management to review the growth of various IT components, including the expected future expansion of the IT infrastructure.

Sitting down with the organization’s management also gives our security experts a chance to provide expert analysis on the health of implemented security programs, cybersecurity processes’ efficiency and applicability of various tools and technologies to mitigate security risks, and third-party support.

swissns GmbH understands that there is no one size fits all security solution, and we, therefore, meet with the management to try and strike a balance in the roll-out and maintenance of a fully functional cybersecurity program. Based on the information gained from talking to management and essential IT employees, swissns GmbH executive-level security experts recommend and tailor a security program that meets your organization’s business and security needs, organizational priorities, operational cultures, and general business preferences.

Assess and analyze the current situation

Regardless of the size or industry, swissns GmbH security consultants can accurately assess and analyze your organization’s cybersecurity maturity level. Assessing and analyzing the current situation puts us in a position to provide strategic advice on advancing your security programs to the highest maturity level to ensure that it matches the ever-evolving threat landscape. Besides, understanding the current situation in the ability to control risks enables our experts to support your security programs by preparing for and responding to various security risks. Our assessments and analysis focus on the following areas:

  • Determine whether the security department is resources (personnel and resources) adequately to ensure successful security programs
  • Establish whether the security department is properly positioned within the company hierarchy to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • Evaluate whether the IT security personnel comprises leadership, expertise, and skillsets required to mitigate perceived and known threats and risks
  • Determine whether the security determent is expected to grow as the organization’s IT infrastructure expands
  • Assess whether the existing security functions meet the organization’s security needs

Analyze the potential risks and liabilities

swissns GmbH has the experience and expertise to analyze potential risks and liabilities. Specifically, our certified professionals provide impartial assessments and third-party analysis to derive valuable insights into possible risks and liabilities in your security programs. For example, a crucial part of our analysis includes whether third-party vendors meet your security expectations regarding insight and performance.

swissns GmbH also assesses if vendor-based security solutions ensure a return on investment by addressing security risks within your organization. Furthermore, our security experts analyze business continuity, threat management, and insider threat programs to determine whether they function as designed, are properly resourced, and meet the organization’s security expectations. Identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities permits swissns GmbH to create, plan, and execute a tailored security solution.

Create and execute a security solution

Based on the information gathered from sitting down with the management, analysing and assessing the current situation, and analysing potential risks or liabilities, swissns GmbH then creates a security solution tailored to your organisation’s specific business and security needs.

Where necessary, we help our clients implement and execute the security solution to ensure the company’s enhanced security, resilience, and business continuity. That could include policies, procedures, protection systems, backups, and cyber security insurance.