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Barracuda Virtual Antispam

Email is a primary communication tool for most businesses today. It provides a lot of convenience for internal and external communication. However, with this convenience comes the challenge of keeping email secure from continuously evolving email security threats. 90% of successful attacks start from links and harmful attachments sent via malicious emails. Relying on built-in email security features leaves your business susceptible to hackers that capitalize on email as the primary attack vector. That’s where Barracuda Virtual Antispam comes in. swissns GmbH is proud to offer this industry-leading solution to our clients, helping them protect their email systems.

Our solution uses a single platform to protect your business

At swissns GmbH, we understand the importance of comprehensive email security. Hence, we offer security services to protect your email and other digital assets. We leverage the Barracuda Email Security Service to protect our clients from email-related threats. The Barracuda Email Security Service is a cloud-based solution that provides advanced threat protection against emerging security threats that target email infrastructure. Here are some ways through which swissns GmbH uses the Barracuda Email Security Service to protect your organization:

Email Protection:

Our Barracuda Virtual Antispam solution leverages advanced filtering techniques to block spam, viruses, ransomware, phishing links and attachments, and other malicious content before it reaches your employees’ inboxes. Barracuda’s email security service provides customizable settings and advanced reporting, which we utilize to fine-tune your email security to meet your business’s unique security needs.

Advanced Threat Protection

The Barracuda Email Security Service uses multiple security layers to protect against advanced threats, such as spear phishing and zero- day attacks. It consists of advanced security features, including anti-phishing, anti-spoofing, and sandboxing, which we use to detect and block malicious emails targeting your business.

Easy Deployment and Management

We can easily deploy Barracuda Email Security Service to protect your email servers and infrastructure. With a simple web-based interface, you can configure and manage policies, monitor threats, and generate reports.

Cloud-based Service

The Barracuda Email Security Service is a cloud-based solution. As a result, swissns GmbH ensures that our clients get the latest security updates and features without worrying about hardware or software upgrades. Up-to-date email security features protect you from the latest threats.


The Barracuda Email Security Service is highly scalable and can easily handle large volumes of email traffic. It is ideal for organizations of all sizes. swissns GmbH can easily scale up or down your email security as your needs change.

Get access to reliable email security features.

Advanced filtering:

Our solution uses advanced filtering techniques to block various threats before they reach your inbox to keep your email secure and ensure business continuity.

Customizable Settings:

The solution has customizable settings that allow us to fine-tune your email security to meet your unique needs. We help you strike the perfect balance between security and convenience.

Advanced Reporting

Barracuda provides advanced reporting, allowing you to monitor your email security and identify potential threats before they become problematic

Easy Intergration

It is easy to integrate with your existing email system.

An email security service for all business

  • Protect your business by protecting your email from spam, viruses, and malicious content.
  • Improved productivity by filtering out threats allowing your employees to focus on business objectives.
  • Save money by reducing the time and resources required to deal with email security issues.
  • Integration with other security solutions for a comprehensive defense strategy
  • Cloud-based service for the latest security updates