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The information published on, and only this , is the property of swissns GmbH and its representatives, and are protected by Greek and International copyright laws . Violation of copyright swissns GmbH, and the other exclusive rights legitimises swissns GmbH to move against the criminal offender .

The information published on the website not be copied , republished , or reproduced in whole or in part for any purpose without the written permission of swissns GmbH (


swissns GmbH provides Links (hyperlinks) and Promotional Banners for web sites which do not control the availability , content, protection of personal data , the quality and comprehensiveness of services . The company is not responsible for the quality , suitability , functionality or legality of such sites. It is mutually agreed that users waive any legal claims against swissns GmbH in connection with these sites .

swissns GmbH is not responsible for the actions of users on its website . Unequivocally stated herein that users waive any legal claims against swissns GmbH in connection with the activities of the members of the Internet .


These terms and conditions of use governed and supplemented by the Greek Law, European Union Law and International Treaties . Any provision of these terms contrary to the Act , shall be terminated and removed from the present , without in any way affecting the remaining terms . This is an agreement between the swissns GmbH and user pages and services.


swissns GmbH, via the website, available hard disk space exclusively for its own use of servers , which distribute the INTERNET stored in these materials for display companies and through this can be handled and the emails of customers and hereafter referred to as the Company .

The other party ( Customer ) , intends to lease and use the supplied by the Company , the virtual server for their own purposes .

The Parties agree and accepted the following :


The customer confirms that the material will ” upload ” the server will be ready and will not need any additional treatment of the Company to operate or may use the services of the Company for the Construction , Maintenance, Management, and Advertising Refresh the web site in the area that has been transferred , chargeable with the appropriate additional cost, which is charged separately.

The Company shall notify the customer how they can gain access to the Control Panel (Control Panel) and on how to publish files on the Internet , the installation of email accounts as well as the need to study the manual use virtual server and the server ‘s control panel .

In case the client does not assign other work additional programming on the server to the Company agrees that it has the necessary knowledge and is not responsible for the Company to provide such knowledge but good wishes and exceptionally to provide support.

The Company has no control over the content of information passing through the network , does not guarantee presentations of any kind occurring within the network or through its service of . Still not guarantee the solvency of any trade occurs within the network or meet any specific promises from others and is not responsible for any damage may occur to the client or those who deal with him, including the loss of data due to delays , non- delivery of goods or service interruption for any cause or errors or omissions .

The use of any information provided via the INTERNET is under responsibility of the person who uses it and the Company has no responsibility for the accuracy or quality of any information .

The Company has no liability for any damage caused in the event of unavailability of the network or system and does not guarantee that the service virtual server will be uninterrupted or will not make a mistake . Under all conditions and circumstances and for any reason , the Company has no responsibility for any damage arising from the use , availability or non- availability of the services offered. The Company does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss , damage and moral damage resulting from failure to provide support services.


The Company has the ability to reject material hosted on the virtual server that has granted , if this material infringes any law in relation to copyright infringement , copyright, is pornographic , racist or pirated content (Hacking, Pirate Software, Warez Sites, Serial Numbers), relates to drug trafficking, attempt of illegal intrusion into a computer or contrary in any other law . In such case the Company disables the account and notify the customer to remove the material and if he does not comply immediately , this agreement expires .

The Company may also cancel this contract if unorthodox use bulk email (Spam mail). Moreover, the use of ten percent (10 % ) or more of system resources is overburdening our system and is unacceptable . If the use is more than ten percent (10 % ) of the funds , the account may be terminated automatically and without prior notice.

Prohibited to broadcast messages on the server or any email sent to spam based on a network directly or indirectly connected. The attempt to circumvent user authentication or security of host (web host), network or account . Penetrating to information not addressed to the user. A breach of security of any network . Spawning dozens of functions. Port scans, ping floods, packet spoofing, forging router information, denial of service attacks, sniffers, flooding, spoofing, ping bombing, smurfs, winnuke, land, teardrop. Publication viruses. The execution chat rooms, Internet Relay Chat, IRC bots ( such as eggdrop or BitchX) and similar . Any activity , whether it will lead to loss or corruption of information , will be investigated and appropriate action will follow . The existence of any of these programs , whether run , will lead to measures including the suspension or termination of the account.

To this contract also expires if the customer or anyone through that access the server (server) and thereby engage in any illegal or improper action when persecuted in any criminal judicial means.


The fee for the disposal of the virtual server (Virtual Server) Cash paid certified in Rate of Euro base price lists have been announced on the website of the Company to become the start of services . Charges for additional services are the time required under the current existing price list and the type of virtual server server.Se event of termination of assistance and hosting of non-renewal , the Company reserves the right of final deletion of files , applications and databases customer from their servers (servers), one (1 ) calendar month following the expiration of the subscription without liable for any , any kind of loss or damage that may be caused to the client , if the client does not renew the subscription and does not violate the terms of paragraph ” Impermissible use of servers .” The Company also reserves the right to immediate and permanent status (suspension) and an absence of internet material hosted on the customer’s site ten ( 10) calendars days after the subscription expiration date and if the client does not renew it and not violates the terms of paragraph ” Impermissible use of servers ” without liable for any , any kind of loss or damage that may be caused to the customer. The client must be aware of the expiration date of the subscription hospitality .

For the case of using a credit card , the Customer agrees wholeheartedly that the card will be charged automatically each month ( or, depending on the cycle of renewal of subscription of domain hosting ) and entitle the swissns GmbH to receive the same amount at a predetermined date each month after the day on which the account was opened or similar regular interval . If you would like further services of the Company should declare in good time before the renewal date of assistance by email at and signed by fax, otherwise we reserve the refund of the amount for which the charge card customer. If not available balance on the card of the Customer Services are scheduled interrupted day of renewal.


Resellers resell our services as autonomous entities our services and maintain the anonymity of the source of our services through our NameServers . They themselves are solely responsible for the content and material of the same pages but also their customers . The domains that are open for their clients exist for the period agreed but if and only if in the meantime the account reseller (Reseller Account) remains active. In case of termination of reseller and request the deletion of his account will be deleted him and domains which opened during the hosting of our servers regardless of previous agreed duration. No compensation will be and the customer ( dealer ) agrees that it bears sole responsibility for the timely transfer of Sub-Domains and all their contents from the company’s servers before deleting accounts. Alternatively , the Reseller may request Independence / Release and the continued operation of the domains of its clients by paying the difference in price of any draft Metapolithentos web hosting in shared web hosting plan .

Failing payment of current debts reseller for more than five (5 ) days the Company will withdraw from the network so the account reseller (Master Domain) and all accounts (Sub Domains) that is activated by the current time . After 14 days and if there is no re- payment , all accounts are deleted . The customer shall be notified promptly and continuously, with an automatic (via email) and call for charges incurred at the time they occur , and how the payment .


On site included material , Trademarks, Service Marks, photos and other content owned by swissns GmbH and is protected by law. All contents of the site (including text, graphics , images, photographs and software ) are copyright of swissns GmbH and protected by Greek and International Law . Prohibited any copying , reproduction or retransmission of material without written permission from the company .


The Company is not responsible for any taxes or fees payable in any country and under any tax law and related transactions made by the Customer through the offered virtual server. The customer agrees that he has full responsibility for taxes or fees or fees associated with the use of the server or the products or services they offer or perform transactions .


This agreement may be terminated by any of the parties, without cause. The Company is not obliged to return the agreed amount for the remaining time on the day of interruption to the normal expiry of the contract if the interrupt request of the customer or the contract terminated by the Company for breach of the terms of the customer . H Company reserves the right to refuse , terminate or lay offs in our services and will not be liable for consequences , positive and negative , resulting from the termination of a web site from one server to .

All damages are limited to the immediate termination of service .



This agreement is automatically renewed according to the current price list for the type of services provided during the period of renewal except, if the customer does not wish further cooperation with the Company and inform about it.

Registration and Renewal Domain Name (Domain Names)

The customer is obliged to notify the Company in writing at least one (1 ) calendar week prior to expiry of the domain name owner, and wished renewal . The Company is not responsible for any kind of loss or damage , including financial loss , resulting to the client from losing domain names because of the above reasons ( eg expiration or loss domains, or vesting the domain name of the client from any other after that expired without the Company notified one week earlier than the end of the writing ) .

swissns GmbH feels obliged to inform their customers to watch their purchases of MH. Gr domain names in most oligopoleiako backdrop of global market . The Company is authorized registrar but not the means that ICANN has not really control over non . Gr domain names. For all domain names ending in MH . Gr the application for which the Company acted upon authorization and payment of the customer , the Company accepts no responsibility for any kind of damages or losses , including economic losses , such as loss of client property on the domain name or theft of the domain name, or loss of intellectual property , trademark, loss of control of the domain name of the client on the Registrant, Administrator, Billing, Technical, Contact Information, DNS, nameservers, locking, whois, whois protection of domain name, or use of the domain name from any acquirer in order to harm the client.


This privacy statement on the sites hosted on our servers . When you send a request online, the information you provide is used to respond to your question online . We fill out applications and e-mail you send confidential . No transfer the content to only the recipient directly concerned and the law, if we are requested or if the content of the message we think affects us .

Such action is necessary to :

protect our rights and our property

guard against the misuse or unauthorized use of the sites of swissns GmbH

protect our personal safety or property of users and our common .

Nevertheless , if you give us false email address or try to get someone else when sending information online, all information – as well as the IP address – will be part of any investigation . People of the Company may need to edit your e-mail in collaboration with the technical department.


The customer must always have contact information updated and notify the swissns GmbH for any modification . He shall designate an email address other than the email addresses of the domains hosted on the swissns GmbH as the primary email address of communication, enabling the swissns GmbH communicate with him even if a problem occurs in the account .

The communication and information of swissns GmbH customer issues that concern is conducted via email. The customer must check the email designated as primary contact email to be informed on matters concerning him. The swissns GmbH no laws is liable for any damage occur to the client from the non timely reading of correspondence sent to him by the swissns GmbH or register names ITE (in the swissns GmbH as registrar ) .


The terms of use of this presentation prepared and implemented with all the norms of Swiss territory . You agree that any dispute arising from the use of this presentation will apply the laws of the Swiss state and the court in resolving these will be the Court of Luzern . The Company has the right to amend without notice the Terms of Use Agreement Providers of Services and is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that informed by this website . Since the use of web presentation presumed that you agree to all the terms above and reading of this text is required before ordering / using our services , while your agreement to the terms of this text , expressed using the web site of swissns GmbH or your signature on this document .

If any part or provision of this contract is invalidated by a competent tribunal as unlawful , valid and enforceable , this will not is affected the validity of the remaining provisions , which shall remain valid and applicable .

swissns GmbH

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