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Monitoring and Alerting

swissns GmbH monitoring and alerting services ensure that your infrastructure, whether simple or complex, performs in a safe and optimized environment to ensure you achieve your goals and objectives.

Keeping your IT infrastructure and networks reliable, secure, and optimized in the current technology-driven business landscape has never been more essential. Challenges and security issues that disrupt your infrastructure’s availability and performance can impact computers and endpoints that handle critical services, thus disrupting your ability to deliver timely and reliable services.

Being able to trust that your IT deployments meet performance expectations and are well protected is vital to maintaining high productivity levels and service uptime. swissns GmbH monitoring and alerting services ensure that your infrastructure, whether simple or complex, performs in a safe and optimized environment to ensure you achieve your goals and objectives.

Features of our monitoring and alerting services

Troubleshoot infrastructure to detect problems

We troubleshoot potential issues across your on-premise and cloud infrastructure to identify potential issues before they manifest into unmanageable problems. We also determine the impacts of detected issues and root causes to ensure effective remediation.

Centralized management

We provide a centralized monitoring and alerting infrastructure through which you can monitor your infrastructure from a single location. It allows you to correlate the health of your IT infrastructure with end-user experiences. You can detect problems in real-time through a centralized platform, gain company-wide visibility of your infrastructure performance, and visualize relationships to identify root causes.

Organizational-wide early warning system

An early warning system that provides context across your IT estate in real-time. It enables immediate detection of changes based on predefined signals to ensure you remain proactive. It allows you to identify system-wide performance or security issues by glancing at all deployed applications, containers, services, virtual machines, on-premise infrastructure, and cloud resources.

Quantify potential impacts of existing problems

Visualize your infrastructure dependencies and relationships to isolate sources of issues impacting running applications and processes. Trace the origin of performance and security problems to improve understanding and inform appropriate mitigation measures.

The metrics we use to monitor your infrastructure health and performance

The information and values you track and monitor usually change as the IT infrastructure evolves. Since infrastructure components function hierarchically, swissns GmbH uses the following metrics to monitor your IT infrastructure performance:

Host-based metrics

Host-based indicators are at the bottom of the infrastructure hierarchy, and our teams evaluate the health and performance of individual machines, services, and application stacks. We monitor the performance and usage of hardware like CPU, processes, disk storage space, and memory to determine factors that can cause a machine to be unstable or perform poorly.

Application metrics

The metrics comprise processing units that rely on host-level resources, such as applications and services. We monitor metrics that depend on running services, dependencies, and interactions, which include resource usage, response latencies and performance, service failures or restarts, and success/error rates.

Network connectivity metrics

Network connectivity metrics gauge outward-facing availability and services accessible to other systems and machines. When monitoring network-connectivity metrics, we evaluate their ability to deliver optimum performance and functional correctness. Specifically, we monitor your network’s bandwidth usage, latency, packet loss and error rates, and connectivity. We monitor these indicators to enhance your network’s responsiveness and availability.

What you get from our monitoring and alerting services

Proactive notification and alerting

Tracking metrics alone cannot detect and remediate issues hampering your infrastructure’s performance and reliability. swissns GmbH’s proactive notification and alerting provides a powerful, multi-level alerting system to notify relevant personnel and IT admins about issues detected in the monitored data. The multi-channel alert system includes email and SMS notifications to ensure that raised alerts reach the intended recipients in real time.

Real-time cloud infrastructure monitoring

Monitoring cloud resources’ performance and end-user experience ensures continuous availability and performance. swissns GmbH tracks key cloud instances to detect issues that may cause unavailability. We analyze the historical performance and monitor the end-user experience to prevent cloud infrastructure performance bottlenecks.

End-to-end monitoring of physical and virtual servers

We monitor all physical and virtual servers your enterprise infrastructure relies on to store and process data and ensure service availability. Our teams monitor all deployed servers continuously to detect bottlenecks and other problems that may cause a service outage.

Comprehensive configuration monitoring and control

swissns GmbH monitors changes to your network and infrastructure configurations 24/7 to ensure that they are optimized to allow you to compete effectively in today’s technology-dependent business landscape. Monitoring allows you to streamline infrastructure changes, test the impacts of new implementations, monitor compliance with industry-specific standards, and push accurate configuration changes to multiple applications and devices.