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Policies and Procedures

At swissns GmbH, we offer policies and procedures consulting services designed to help businesses develop clear and concise guidelines that govern the daily operations of their IT departments.

We tailor our services to each client’s unique needs, and we work closely with our clients to develop policies and procedures that are both effective and practical.

#οur approach

Our approach to policies and procedures consulting services is comprehensive, and we take the following steps to help our clients develop effective policies and procedures:


Our assessment process involves a detailed review of the client’s current IT policies and procedures and their current workflows and processes. We analyze their current procedures for inefficiencies, redundancies, and inconsistencies that may impact the IT department’s overall efficiency and productivity. We also consider the company’s specific needs and goals and any industry-specific regulations they must comply with. This thorough assessment helps us comprehensively understand the client’s IT operations, allowing us to develop policies and procedures tailored to their needs.
We understand that each client’s IT department is unique, so we take a collaborative approach to policy and procedure development. We work closely with the client’s IT team to develop policies and procedures that are practical, effective and aligned with their business goals. We design our policies and procedures to ensure they are easy to understand and implement, and we provide clear post-implementation guidance on how our clients should follow them. Additionally, we offer ongoing support and feedback to ensure that the policies and procedures work effectively.

Policy and Procedure Development


Once we collaborate with your IT team in developing new policies and procedures, we provide implementation support to ensure that you understand, adopt, and implement them effectively. We also work with our client’s IT team to ensure that the new policies and procedures cover the entire technology stack and implement them to enable end-users to utilize them properly to increase productivity and register growth. Our experts provide training, coaching, and ongoing maintenance support to ensure that the policies and procedures positively impact your IT operations.
Policies and procedures are not static. They need regular reviewing and updating to remain relevant and effective. We provide regular reviews and updates to ensure our clients’ policies address the current IT environment. Our review process is thorough, and we consider any changes in the client’s IT operations and any regulatory changes that may impact their policies and procedures.

Review and Maintenance

Types of Policies and Procedures We Consult On.

swissns GmbH works with our clients to develop policies and procedures that address their needs. Some of the types of policies and procedures we develop include:

Cybersecurity Policies and Procedures

We design our security policies and procedures to protect your critical business assets and data from unauthorized access, theft, and other threats. We assist in implementing various security policies and procedures, which include data protection policies, access control measures, network security baseline requirements, authentication and authorization controls, identity and access management, and more.

Change Management Policies and Procedures

Our experts collaborate with your internal IT teams to design and implement change management policies and procedures. We design them to ensure that you can carry out changes to IT systems and infrastructure in a structured and controlled manner. Among others, they include policies and procedures for change request submission, change approval, and change implementation.

Incident Management Policies and Procedures

swissns GmbH boasts experts capable of addressing incidents that disrupt IT operations and service delivery. We design Incident management policies and procedures to ensure the timely and effective detection, reporting, and resolution of various IT incidents.

#what's in it for you

Working with our professionals to identify, develop, and implement required policies and procedures can result in benefits like:

Policies and procedures ensure effective and accurate task organization to ensure employees complete promptly, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. With clear guidelines, IT departments can operate more efficiently, reducing costs associated with wasted time and resources.

Policies and procedures ensure that you complete your tasks consistently and in a standardized manner to improve the quality of work. Therefore, allowing swissns GmbH to assist in developing and maintaining IT procedures and policies can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Compliance with necessary regulations is vital to growing your business and retaining customers. Our policies and procedures consulting services help businesses to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, avoiding costly fines and legal issues. This is particularly important for businesses operating in highly regulated industries.