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Leverage our on-demand penetration testing expertise to identify, exploit, and mitigate known and hidden vulnerabilities to reduce network and data breach risks.

At swissns GmbH, our certified cybersecurity experts provide penetration testing services to detect and eliminate critical vulnerabilities in your networks, web applications, web services, and enterprise IT infrastructure.

Continue reading for our approach and services below and contact us to discuss your needs in detail.

We are more than just cybersecurity experts

You can only stop hackers if you think and act like them. Unlike most cybersecurity firms, we focus on identifying and retaining talented professionals in various attack methods.

Our team is more than just security experts – we are bonafide hackers, and we leverage this expertise to pen-test your networks and IT assets using a hacker’s mindset.

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Our experts go beyond vulnerability scans

Vulnerability scans involve running security tools to uncover known security weaknesses only, which is not enough to protect against modern, sophisticated attacks. Therefore, our white hat hackers penetrate deep into your systems and networks using a hacker’s mindset to detect and exploit known and hidden vulnerabilities and identify existing security gaps to determine how to close them.

Pen testers with real-world experience

swissns GmbH pen testers have unrivalled skills and expertise from a vast experience in vulnerability detection, red team exercises, incident response, and forensics. They leverage their expertise to create real attack playbooks using the same tools and techniques adversaries use to expose and exploit vulnerabilities in your IT environment.

Advanced threat intelligence

swissns GmbH pen testers utilize the most recent and advanced threat intelligence to gain deeper insights into the tactics, techniques, and procedures that hackers can use to penetrate your digital ecosystem.

Getting inside a hacker’s mind

We approach pen testing exercises like hackers to provide real, actionable, and meaningful insights that help strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

Specifically, our ethical/white-hat hackers scan your networks, applications, and systems using industry-leading scanning tools, such as Acunetix and Nessus, to identify existing vulnerabilities.

Based on the scanning reports, we attempt to exploit the identified vulnerabilities by employing all hacking techniques. We then provide a report detailing successful and unsuccessful exploits, which pinpoint where your IT infrastructure is most weak to attacks.

Successful exploits imply that malicious actors can gain unauthorized and authenticated access to your system, applications, data, networks, and cloud environments.

This could in serious risks, such as ransomware attackers, data theft and leakage, planted spyware that allows attackers to maintain persistent access, disrupted services and business operations, and legal tussles due to successful data breaches.

However, our penetration testing services can identify exploitable security weaknesses in your IT infrastructure, allowing us to implement countermeasures, such as encryption, patching, multi-factor authentication, web application firewalls, and comprehensive access controls.

Expand the network perimeter:

Our penetration tests extend beyond the network perimeter to cover BYOD devices, cloud environments, and remote access to detect and mitigate all vulnerabilities.

Mimic adversary techniques:

Our testing approaches constantly evolve to match emerging adversarial techniques. We replicate the real-world threats in our testing exercises to ensure your IT environment is resilient and has a strong security posture.

Expose the kill chain:

We are more than just uncovering vulnerabilities. We expose the kill chain to enhance detection, provide actionable insights, and implement a targeted defense.

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High flexibility

We work with you

We work with you to manage your pen testing assessments, schedule tests, determine the scope and depth of the tests, and modify the scope to meet the changing business requirements and match the threat landscape.

Extensive coverage

Hackers need one vulnerable endpoint to compromise the entire network. Our pen testing approach covers all potential entry points to uncover and remediate security weaknesses.

Tailored solutions

Our pen testers walk you through the exercise and pen testing results and assist in developing a mitigation strategy tailored to meet your business and security needs.

Minimize the attack surface

Certified ethical hackers detect and remediate vulnerabilities in your digital environment to minimize the attack surface to protect against today’s advanced threats.

Full visibility of weaknesses

We provide an objective perspective that uncovers security blind spots and provides full visibility of existing security gaps to inform the appropriate mitigation requirements.

#what we deliver

External penetration testing

We assess the internet-facing infrastructures to identify exploitable vulnerabilities that expose sensitive information to attacks and unauthorized access. Our tests include vulnerability detection and exploitation, system identification, and enumeration.

Internal penetration testing

Our ethical hackers assess your internal information systems, networks, and devices to pinpoint existing vulnerabilities. Then, based on a hacker’s mindset, the tests disclose how attackers can exploit the identified vulnerabilities, allowing us to provide a custom mitigation plan.

Assessing insider threat risks

Insider threats are the most dangerous because they have knowledge of your IT infrastructure and access privileges that they can abuse. Therefore, we assess your IT environment to determine vulnerabilities and risks that expose information to unauthorized users. Specifically, our pen testing teams assess potential escalation areas and bypass them to uncover vulnerabilities, configuration weaknesses, unnecessary access privileges, and inaccurate network configurations.

Evaluating wireless networks

Your Wi-Fi networks connect users to the internet. We assess your wireless networks to uncover security weaknesses, such as unauthorised wireless devices, security misconfigurations, session reuse, and de-authentication attacks.

Pen testing your web applications

We evaluate your enterprise applications to detect and exploit vulnerabilities in a four-step approach:

  • we perform application reconnaissance
  • we discover existing vulnerabilities
  • we exploit the vulnerabilities to determine how attackers would gain unauthorized access to sensitive information
  • we develop an appropriate mitigation strategy.