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Every business has started digitization initiatives to compete effectively in the modern business landscape. Unfortunately, this heightens cybersecurity risks as attackers increase their efforts to target and compromise deployed cloud environments, endpoints, and other IT infrastructure.

At swissns GmbH, we understand most businesses’ challenges when safeguarding critical data, applications, and systems. That’s why we offer a comprehensive suite of Cyber Protection Services to keep your business secure and running smoothly.

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We prioritize the security of your online interactions. That’s why we offer industry-leading SSL certificates to ensure secure and encrypted communication between your website and its visitors. Our SSL certificates provide a vital layer of protection, establishing trust and confidentiality for your customers’ sensitive data.

With our easy-to-implement SSL solutions, you can create a secure browsing experience, safeguarding transactions, user information, and other valuable data. Our SSL certificates are issued by trusted authorities, guaranteeing the highest level of encryption and authentication.

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We understand the critical importance of protecting your organization’s email infrastructure from spam and malicious threats. That’s why we proudly offer Barracuda Virtual Anti-Spam Services, a cutting-edge solution designed to keep your email communication secure and free from unwanted clutter.

Our Barracuda-powered platform employs advanced filtering techniques, artificial intelligence, and real-time threat analysis to identify and block spam, phishing attempts, viruses, and other email-based attacks. With our comprehensive anti-spam services, you can enjoy enhanced productivity, improved email reliability, and reduced risk of data breaches.

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We are committed to providing comprehensive cyber protection solutions to safeguard your valuable data and ensure business continuity. With our partnership with Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, we offer a robust suite of services designed to defend against evolving cyber threats.

Our Acronis Cyber Protection services encompass backup and recovery, secure file sync and share, anti-malware, vulnerability assessments, and more. With advanced technologies like AI-based threat detection and blockchain-based data authentication, our solutions provide a multi-layered defense strategy that mitigates risks and strengthens your resilience against data loss, ransomware, and other cyber-attacks.

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