The importance of documentation for any business cannot be emphasized enough.  All your knowledge and information must be compiled in one proper place so that your employees are always up-to-date with the latest. Your customers’ profiles, SOPs, flowcharts, escalation processes, organizational hierarchy, new employee information and other documents should be shared over a single medium, easily accessible by all.

A corporate helps you organize all knowledge, putting it up on one central platform for easy and quick access.

swissns GmbH can help you set up a Wiki that will include your business policies, procedures and other necessary information. Contact us to get further details!

What is a wiki?

A wiki is a website, similar to the online Wikipedia, except that it only hosts your business documents and policies. A corporate wiki can be set up through several platforms, but Confluence is probably the=e most widely availed.

Although equipped with many features, the most notable of these is that simply anyone can create and edit pages. So that means that all team members can contribute to the knowledgebase without you having to depend on specific people only.

A wiki offers a tracking system so all uploaded content can be moderated, approved or removed.

What can you put on wiki?

  • Business mission, vision and goals
  • Standard operating procedures and workflows
  • Training material for new employees
  • Release notes
  • Meeting minutes
  • Clients’ profile s
  • HR manuals and employee benefits
  • Safety information
  • And other relevant documents

The Benefits

  • A wiki puts all your cooperate knowledge in one central place, proving easier access to everyone.
  • Wikis are equipped with a search bar so you can easily find information that you want. Without a centrally managed documentation system in place, it will be quite tedious to do so.
  • Anyone can edit a wiki and make a contribution.
  • Wikis generate useful reports on how much content has been viewed, edited, by whom, and more insightful stats.
  • Images, links, videos and files can easily be posted on pages.
  • Categories, spaces and labels allow content to be organized.
  • Controlled access can be provided.

So how do you make the most out of it?

  • Come up with a Wiki Code of Conduct, and ensure that it is followed.
  • Hire a wiki manager so that uploaded content is effectively monitored and only correct information is being shared.
  • Motivate your team to make contributions and edit other people’s work if need be.
  • Use add-ons to get the most value.

swissns GmbH deploys a fully functional Wiki with all your required features . Let’s get started!