Incident Management

Done Right

An incident is an occurrence which causes errors because it is different in some way, different from what was the intended purpose or functioning.

Processes get interrupted this way, affecting your operation. An incident management system logs, records and prioritises these incidents. Right from the moment they are created until resolved, it tracks them throughout, keeping both you and the clients updated. Consequently, incidents are resolved more quickly and efficiently, leaving your customers satisfied.

What do you get out of it?

Proper and Quicker Escalations

If your incident management system is well designed, your support functions integrate seamlessly into overall operations. Incidents are escalated to the right people in minimum time, and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Customer Satisfaction

When you resolve incidents more quickly and efficiently, your customers will in turn be more satisfied while at the same time providing them procedures to follow makes them understand that you know what you are doing

Financial Costs

An incident incurs costs for both the customers and you. Work is interrupted and efficiency is degraded, which means you spend more money. Compare your managed and unmanaged processes, and you’ll notice the financial differences.

SLA Thresholds

Have you set any thresholds for resolving your incidents? Probably yes, but how many times do you successfully meet them? An incident management system prioritises incidents and help you reach to a solution quickly – a resolution is thus, achieved in a really short amount of time. And you don’t blow away your SLAs!

Productive & Motivated Employees

An incident management system eliminates hassles that your employees may have to face otherwise. Without it, your processes may be chaotic, redundant, and inefficient, leaving your employers frustrated which negatively affects their productivity levels. But when you have an incident management system, your employers can deliver better performance, and even stay motivated.

Proper Reporting

An incident management system is usually equipped with different reports that give you valuable insights into your business operations. So now that you know why an incident management system is absolutely a must-have for you business, reach out to us and let us help you set one.

Interested in setting up an incident management system for your business?