We all know the importance of web hosting for a Website. A house cannot last long if you build it on land with no solid foundation. Hosting is the land you are looking for, so you need a good plot. The article will share some basic knowledge and benefits of Swiss Network Security’s web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a storage space divided from a server to help you post data and launch websites or applications on the Internet. Using a web hosting system means you will put it on the server of the provider necessary data files to run your website or online application.

How does Web Hosting Work?

Swiss Network Security Side

Swiss Network Security will prepare storage servers for hosting users. Resources on the server will be broken into smaller spaces called hosting. Depending on the package that users register, the provider will configure these hosting services. When users need to expand or shrink the hosting package, the provider will adjust these parameters.

User Side

You can access hosting from Internet-connected devices by sending requests to the domain name or hosting IP. Hosting will return the required files respectively. In case there is a need to expand the hosting package, users must contact the provider for more details.

Why You Need to Buy Web Hosting

Hosting is used to store the content of the website, mail service, FTP,… Without hosting, the website can only work on your computer. Only you can see and use that website. With web hosting, anyone can search and access your website as long as you have a domain name or exact IP address.

Swiss Network – A Reputable Web Service Provider

With a history of nearly 7 years, Swiss Network Security has become one of the most prestigious web service providers. Specifically, the organization specializes in Data Center Services including web hosting, dedicated server, VPS, domain names registration, SSL certificates. Not only that, but swissns GmbH also offers IT & security services and consulting.

Devoting all the passion and dedication, Swiss Network always strives to ensure the best shopping experience because the team regards the clientele as the most valuable asset. All customers can purchase and manage their services as well as communicate with the team through Ticketing System for Sales, Support or simply General Information.

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Using Swiss Network’s web hosting service, you will experience fast and reliable service at extremely low price points. You can save a considerable amount by applying a 50% discount code (for your first purchase at Swiss Network)!